Happy Princess Kingdom

Each girl is the princess of parents. Each parent has the experience that tell story for their lovely daughter. I believe that each girl know the story of Snow White and The Princess and The Pea. In girls mind, princess is the most happiness girl in the world. Princess is beautiful, elegrance and graceful. She is warmhearted and kind. Each story arrange a happy ending for princess. As last, priencess always can live a happy life with a handsome prince. A few years ago, parents will buy barbie dolls for their daughter. But now girls have already shift their ateention to girl games. Though there are many onlline games for them to choose, girls still love to play games related to princess.

Princess games are special designed for girls. The main character is pricess. The task of players is to makeup and dressup for them. There are many advantages of princess online games. First, it can easily attract children’s attention and will last long. As we all know that kids will lose interest in toys. Here are different princesses. Here are princesses of ancient. Also here are modern ones. They are different in appearance. This point can make sure that girls will keep interest in them for long time. Second, there is no limition for ages. Many parents worry that there daughter is so little that they do not know how to play games. In fact, the method of playing is so easy. Any one who knows click the mouse can play them. Third, the categories are various. The most common type is dress up one person. There are also some which need players to drees up two or three girls. Now you must be curious how to play these kind of games. First, I will introduce the basic ones. There are different background. But the aim is same that players need to dress he princess up. Designers have already designed different fashion hair styles, chic dresses and luxurious accessories. Players can click the mouse to choose the one which they like most. If kids are not satisfy with their work they can click the icon of reset and restart to play the game. In some others, kids need not to restart. They just need to click another icon. Next let us talk about the complex ones. Players need to make prince up first. Kids can choose the skin color for her princess: white,brown or black. Except the eye shadow, eye brash, lipstick and blusher, eyes color also important. There are different colors of eyes such as green, yellow and red. It just need to get the perfect effect. After makeup, kids can dress the princess up.

Each girl has a dream of princess. In girls’ world, princess is the most happiness people in the world. The stories of princess have accompany girls growing up. Now there are new form that is princess online games. Girls are keen on playing thses games. If you are finding games for your daughter, I think it will be the best choice.

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